Overseas Wedding in Bali – How To Legally Get Married In Bali?

To get married legally in Bali, it is important to conduct both a civil and religious ceremony. But, in most cases, the civil rituals combined with that of religious. There are wedding planners with expertise in overseas wedding in Bali.

Declaration of the same religion:

In Bali, to get legally married, both partners should declare themselves. The declaration should prove that they belong to the same religion. Here, they should ‘declare’, and this is important. This means that they should not necessarily from the same religion. But, they should declare that they belong to the same religion. There are actually certain implications on declaring the truthfulness. Depending on the religion, your declaration might not be put to inspection. There are popular places like Bvlgari Chapel and Majestic Chapel in Bali for wedding.

Religions recognized in Indonesia:

Bali is an Indonesian destination that attracts people from abroad. Here is the list of religions recognized in Indonesia:

- Christian-Catholic

- Christian-Protestant

- Buddhism

- Hinduism

- Islam

It is important that the religious and legal ritual must be conducted on the same day at the unchanged location. However, the religious rituals for different religions can be carried out at a beach, a restaurant, a hotel, a villa or even at a home. Even, the wedding can be conducted in a purpose-built wedding venue like Alila Soori. But, the wedding should not be at a Balinese temple.

Is it possible to get legally married without a holy ritual in Bali?

Many couples have this question and the answer is that it is not possible. Indonesia is a religious nation. So, it is compulsory that there should be religious ceremonies. There are wedding venues like Alila Uluwatu Chapel, where religious ceremonies are performed.

How about weddings in Chapels?

When it comes to couples looking for overseas wedding in Bali, there are chapels. These chapels like Ayana Astina Chapel are purpose-built for wedding ceremonies. Most of these chapels are not worship places like real churches. They generally form as an element of a resort. This means that the couples and their relatives can also stay along.

Offered as a package:

Most of these venues like the Ayana Tresna Chapel offer Bali Chapel wedding packages. They are pre-decorated and they also come with ceremonial services like priest service. Some of these packages for overseas wedding in Bali will have a photographer, catering service; make up service, etc… Even, in case, the chapel is a segment of a hotel like Blue Point Chapel also come with hotel room-nights.

Non-legal wedding is not possible:

Even, it is possible to get married in Bali without legality. For instance, the couples can get married as a symbolic ceremony. Some couples do this and they get back to their home nation for their paperwork. They can have a non-legally binding blessing or commitment ceremony. When you do so, you need not have to worry about legal requirements. This is an affordable option as well. For this type of wedding, there is no need for any paper works and there are no authorities involved.

Such type of non-religious weddings in Bali is generally done by a celebrant. The celebrant need not necessarily be a real priest. In addition, the wedding can be conducted in any place like a beach as a Banyan Tree Water Wedding. Some of them also show interest towards getting married in traditional Balinese fashion.

Ministrant wedding:

In addition, the other type of overseas wedding in Bali is the wedding, where the relative or a friend of the couple takes the position of a ministrant. In such a kind of wedding whether it is conducted in Bvlgari Chape or as a Bvlgari Villa Wedding, there will not be any questions about the official faith of the couple.

Religious weddings in Bali:

As mentioned earlier, people from different religions get their wedding done in Bali. Here are some kinds performed in places like Conrad Beach Wedding:

Muslim Weddings in Bali:

In the case of Muslims, some of them do not want to get their wedding done in a mosque in a traditional manner. However, some couples choose to wed in a traditional manner in a mosque in Bali. There is no requirement for an extra civil ceremony in the case of a Muslim wedding. The religious ritual is done by a member of the ‘Office of religious affairs’. This ritual is enough for the couples to get married legally. Couples from this religion will have to submit a document proof to the effect that they belong to this community. Muslims can also get married at other places like Dewa Dewi Chapel.

Catholic weddings in Bali:

In the case of couples planning to get married under Catholic faith, it is important for the same done in a catholic church. There are some churches in the city that officiate marriages for foreigners. But, the paperwork associated with having a catholic wedding done in Bali is highly tiresome. In addition, couples are recommended to remember that they will have to pay more for Catholic weddings in Bali. It is not possible for a catholic wedding to happen in a resort like The Edge.

Weddings of other religions:

Many couples from abroad get married in Bali under protestant faith. Under this procedure, they will have to first file a notice of intention to marry. They can do the same at the Civil Registry Office. They should do it in the office located in the regency in which they stay at Bali.

They should also submit the certificate of non-impediment. They can generally get this document from their home country embassy or consulate in Indonesia. However, problem will arise if their nation has no Embassy in Bali.

In such an instance, they should get the document from the Embassy of Jakarta, which is the capital of Indonesia. The issue is that this place is located at a distance of about 1000 km from Bali. This certificate can also be disbursed by the native authorities, where the couple stay in their home nations.

In both these instances, couples wish to do the same well in advance. They do this before their wedding in Bali in advance as the need varies from one embassy to another. In this case, for better information the couples can contact their embassy. Here, the wedding planners like the Four Season Jimbaran will help them.

Countries with consulate in Bali:

Couples from the following countries can find consulates in Bali to get the certificate of non-impediment:

- New Zealand

- Germany

- ustria

- Switzerland

- Italy


- UK

- Australia

Documents for notice of intention to marry:

To the Civil Registry Office in Bali, both partners will have to submit the following documents for the Notice of Intention to Marry:

- Passport

- Certified birth certificate

- Certified divorce degree or the death certificate pertaining to the termination of previous wedding.

- Four photos of 4x6 cm with both partners side by side with the bride on the right side. She should not be showing bare shoulders in the photo. The couples can get these photos in Bali.

- Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage issued by your consular representative for Indonesia or Bali.

Additional documents:

Apart from the above-mentioned the following other documents also are to be submitted by couples:

- Valid passport for at least six months from the date of getting into Indonesia

- Legal visas to get into Indonesia: Foreign tourists planning for overseas wedding in Bali legally can enter Indonesia as tourists with the help of the tourist visa, which is legal for a halt in the country for up to a month.

- Birth certificates (if a copy is presented, they should submit the copy that is made lawful by an advocate or by their country’s embassy in Indonesia)

- Legalized written statements that confirm the status of every individual.

- Letter from the church of the couple. This rule applies only when both are Christians and are associates of a church like Harmony Chapel. Also, they should have the intention to get married in a church in Indonesia. However, this is not essential, if the marriage is planned in a hotel or a beach like Karma Kandara Water Wedding.

Dream weddings:

Couples looking for overseas wedding in Bali decide for a different wedding venue like a beach venue. This is where they can choose Kamaya Cliff Front Water Wedding. Those looking for a different wedding spot can also choose Kamaya Cliff Pavilion Wedding.

Popular options:

For couples looking for traditional chapel wedding, they can go for Infinity Chapel. In addition, they also have the option to select White Dove Chapel. These wedding destinations besides having chapel for traditional ceremonies have reception arenas as well.

Water front options:

For couples dreaming about wedding in the water front, they can choose Mulia Beach Wedding or Royal Santrian Water Wedding.

The other popular options are Pearl Chapel, Tirtha Chapel, W Retreat Bali, and Wiwaha Chapel.

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