Why Have Your Wedding in Bali?

Everyone wants to experience a truly memorable wedding at least once in their especially the girls. And if you want a truly memorable wedding that’s way beyond typical weddings then why not have your wedding in Bali? Bali wedding offers a complete wedding experience. The experience is so complete and memorable that you will never forget even as you grow old. Also, having your wedding in Bali gives you an added bonus for very romantic honeymoon right after the ceremony and the reception as well as having time spend a vacation on an exquisite destination like Bali.

If you are still not convinced about having a Bali wedding, here are a couple of reasons why you be thinking about Bali for your upcoming wedding. Having an overseas wedding like this in Bali can become complicated but you really don’t have to worry about the preparations for your Bali wedding. Various wedding planners or companies will take care of everything from the important documents to the wedding reception. So without further ado, here are the reasons why plan for your wedding in beautiful Bali.

The Weather is Good All Year Round

Bali is located in the tropical region which means the weather there is going to be pretty much good all year round. There may be some instances where the weather can be a little too hot for you but worry not because most wedding ceremonies are done in a beautiful shade to keep you away from the sun. The climate in Bali is perfect for almost all kinds of wedding.

Bali Wedding is now Legal

We won’t be having this conversation if having your wedding in Bali is not fully recognized by the law or not legal. If you are worried that you getting married in Bali and then when you come back home your marriage is not recognized by your government don’t worry because everything is taken care of. If you wish to get a religious minister to wed, you can also get it if you want to be certain that your wedding is legal.

Bali is Just a Beautiful Destination

Who would never want to have their wedding in such a beautiful place? Bali is absolutely beautiful which is why you should have your wedding here. Everything here is splendid; the food, the scenery, the villas, the resorts, the beaches and the people. It’s no surprise that Bali is one of the top vacation destination all around the world.

A New Experience

Having your wedding abroad will be a totally new experience for the couple, their family, and their friends. If you’ve been planning your wedding to be in Bali this is going to be a big surprise for your friends and loved ones. All of you will have an awesome fun and memorable experience once you go to Bali.

5-Star Accommodation

Bali is not only known for their exotic beaches and stunning tourist spots but also with their accommodations. Throughout the years different kinds of villas are developed in Bali complete with all amenities. Every villa is perfect for your honeymoon. It has Wi-Fi, TV’s swimming pools and many more. The people in Bali are also very accommodating. And the food! The food is totally out of this world! One thing is for certain here, you will definitely be having your time of your life while you are in Bali.

But your Bali wedding will not be possible if you don’t have a wedding planner on your side. You can’t be planning an overseas wedding on your own. But with a professional wedding planner or company on your side, you shouldn’t have any trouble in the preparation of your Bali wedding.

There are also different wedding packages for Bali, feel free to choose one which you think will be accommodating for you, your friends, your loved ones, and your guests. Be smart in choosing a wedding package. Overseas weddings tends to be more expensive than a typical wedding but if you are willing to spend a couple more thousand bucks, you will really be having a wonderful wedding in Bali. This will also give you an opportunity to enjoy a vacation after the wedding.

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