7 Best Places to Wed in Hawaii

If you are thinking about having your wedding in Hawaii then you should have it done in a beautiful location in Hawaii. Hawaii offers many different locations that are perfect for weddings. In fact, Hawaii has become increasingly popular wedding destinations from people all over the world. Last year, about 21,685 people are married in the 50th state of America. So it’s not surprising that new wedding locations are being opened every year. But none beats the following best 7 beautiful places to wed on this very beautiful archipelago.

● Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel Located on the west side of Oahu, the Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel offers a stunning oceanfront view. It’s the perfect place for engaged to get married because of the romantic atmosphere on the island. The chapel combines the island’s style and its tradition to give wedding more elegance, fashion and class. What makes the Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel different from other chapels on the island is just its elegance and enchanting experience which you will only really feel once you’re there. ● Ocean Crystal Chapel Located at the center of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the Ocean Crystal Chapel is the first and only free-standing wedding chapel in the beachfront neighborhood of Waikiki. The chapel provides multiple options for couples. You can either get married inside the pristine chapel or get married outside with that beautiful lush oasis surrounding the chapel. ● Ko Olina Chapel Place of Joy The Ko Olina Chapel is widely distinguished in Hawaii as the most excellent place for wedding because of its rich history as well as being in a beautiful island paradise. The Ko Olina Chapel Place of Joy is just one of the many oceanfront chapels located in the island. The chapel in English translates to “the fulfillment of joy” which is really befitting for a chapel that’s so beautiful. The diamond-themed concept of the chapel with its outer wall and roof made from glass makes its interior very elegant. The inside of the chapel is perfect for brides and grooms to exchange their vows to each other. ● Honu Kai Lani at Ko Olina Place of Welina The Honu Kai Lani is a chapel with a very gracious design to compliment one of the most important day of your life; your wedding. Upon entering the chapel, you’ll be greeted with an overlooking view of a magnificent seaside. The name of the chapel Honu Kau Lani translates into “turtle” (which symbolizes good luck), “ocean” and “paradise” respectively. ● Diamond Head Anela Garden Chapel The Anela Garden Chapel is a perfect location for wedding ceremonies. Located near Diamond Head, the chapel sits in 30,000 square foot garden filled with luscious tropical flowers and palm trees perfect for your kind of tropical wedding. The chapel’s garden will also serve as a perfect setting for all your wedding photo shoots. ● Aquaveil Frais Marina Ko Olina Le Plage The Aquaveil Frais Marina boasts their all-new floor-to-ceiling glass chapel made exclusively for wedding ceremonies. The glass chapel is a work of art with its ability to allow natural light to pass through from all angles. Aside from that, the chapel also features a panoramic view of the ocean and gardens. It’s the perfect setting for all types wedding ceremonies. ● Aloha Ke Akua Chapel The chapel gets in name from a mythical legend. It is named as “the love of god” in Hawaiian because the place was known to be a mythical and sacred ground where the “heart” of eternal love was once found. Many Hawaiians believe that fairies created this heart-shaped lake as well as its wide garden full of heart-shaped stones. Perfect for a garden wedding, this location location will help you find out just what is the Hawaiian culture and tradition all about and is definitely one of the best places get married in Hawaii. So there you have it! These are one of the best places to wed in Hawaii. If you are thinking about overseas wedding in Hawaii, be sure to have it done in one of these locations. Have your wedding setup in one of these locations and experience the beautiful Hawaiian culture and tradition.

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