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Is Overseas Wedding Best or Worse?

The wedding is a major part in every human’s life and it is a special day for the wedding couples. A wedding can happen in all over the world in a frequent manner. But, the major thing to focus is how the wedding culture differs from one nation to another. It is not easy to plan a wedding occasion on a limited budget. And, no one likes to celebrate their wedding occasion with a limited budget. So, nowadays, people are spending a lot of money for their wedding occasion.




Okay, today, we’re going to discuss how the overseas wedding is best when compared to the other wedding.


Before jumping into the overseas wedding, we’re going to talk a few words about the wedding.



The wedding is an unforgettable moment in everyone’s life and nowadays, people are spending a lot of money to celebrate their wedding occasion. But, the wedding culture is same from the ancient days. Yes, all countries follow their ancient wedding culture till now.


The overseas wedding is going to be a great adventure in your life. So, if you like to tie the knot to your partner, then it is best to go for a wedding abroad. If you’ve planned an overseas wedding, then you’re going to achieve something new in your life.


Legal requirements for overseas wedding:


Each country has some legal requirements for an overseas wedding. So, if you planned for an overseas wedding, then you’ve to follow the legal requirements of a particular nation.

  • Make sure that overseas wedding is valid in the country that you’re choosing.

  • And, the marriage is valid if the boy and girl are at least 18 years old.

  • Both the boy and girl are not getting married to any other person before their wedding period.

Documents have to submit:

  • If the bride or groom is a widower, then she/he has to submit the death certificate of their ex-husband/wife.

  • And, both the bride and groom need to submit their single status certificate.

  • And, the bride or groom is a divorced one, then they need to submit divorce certificate.

If the wedding couple have submitted the above-mentioned documents, they can enjoy their wedding occasion with full of joy.


Why is overseas wedding good?


Many people love to plan their wedding in abroad because they like to do some adventure in their life. And, overseas wedding is also good in terms of several aspects. They are as follows,

  • Cost

  • Wedding spots

Overseas wedding saves your money and you can celebrate your wedding occasion in many different places in all over the world.


Best places for an overseas wedding:


Do you like to go abroad for your wedding occasion? If yes, your decision is 100% correct. In this section, I’m going to tell some of the best places for an overseas wedding.

  • Mauritius

  • Cyprus

  • Croatia

  • Ibiza

  • Turkey

These are some of the best places for an overseas wedding in 2016.


Pros and cons of the overseas wedding:


The overseas wedding has a lot of pros and cons in it. Here, we’re going to take a great look at the pros and cons of the overseas wedding.


Pros of the overseas wedding:

  • You can save a lot of money.

  • It’s a great adventure in your life.

  • You can wed your life partner in your favorite spot.

  • You can finish both your wedding and honeymoon in one package.

Cons of the overseas wedding:

  • You are going to miss your relatives and friends.

  • You have to spend money for your relatives and friends to come to your wedding spot.

These are some of the pros and cons found in the overseas wedding.

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