What’s best in the Overseas Wedding?

The wedding is the wonderful moment of everyone’s life and people spend more than thousands of dollars for their wedding occasion. In other words, the wedding is the most unforgettable moment in the couple’s lives.

Planning a wedding is not an easy thing. One must have to plan in a good manner to successfully finish their wedding occasion.

Alright! Today, we remain focused around the overseas wedding. If you like to know more about the wedding abroad, read this post.

Overseas Wedding:

Do you like to go abroad for your wedding occasion? If yes, then you’ve made a nice decision. If you’ve planned to wed your partner outside the UK, then you’re going to save your lot of pennies. Yes, the overseas wedding is the best way to celebrate your wedding occasion in your favorite spot at low cost.

And, it is important to make a contact to the embassy, consulate of the country that you’ve planned to celebrate your wedding occasion. If you have a good contact with them, you can easily know the country’s legal requirements for a wedding.

And, in some countries, the bride and the groom both need to submit the single status certificate to show that he/she is not married any person in their lifetime here before.

Legal requirements for overseas wedding:

There are plenty of conditions are out there to make sure whether the wedding in abroad is valid or not. They are as follows,

The wedding couple must be legally recognized both in the UK and the country they are going to marry.

If you’re a widowed, divorced bride/groom, then it is important to provide your partner’s death certificate and your divorce certificate so that you can celebrate your wedding in the abroad.

When is the overseas wedding considered as valid?

The overseas wedding is recognized as valid if the wedding couples meet the following aspects,

  1. The wedding couples are 18 years of age.

  2. They are not married any person at the time of their wedding.

  3. The wedding is between a man and woman.

  4. The marriage should be recognized in the country where the wedding takes place.

After getting married, the couples need to register their marriage. After registering their marriage, they need to get the documents as an evidence for the wedding event.

Pros and cons of the overseas wedding:

There are plenty of pros and cons are found in the overseas wedding and read this section to know about the advantages and disadvantages found in the overseas wedding.


  • You can save your money.

  • You have a lot of freedom to marry your partner in any of your favorite place.

  • You can finish your wedding and honeymoon at low cost.


  • A number of guests will be very less.

  • You have to pay your family and friends to come to abroad in order to attend your wedding occasion.

Hope you’ve understood the rules of the overseas wedding. Enjoy your wedding occasion in abroad to have a memorable moment in your life.

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