Forget the boring wedding ceremonies and make your wedding fun-filled

Are you planning to finally propose marriage to your partner? Well then, it is indeed one of the best and happiest moments of your life and once you both agree to get married, there are a lot of preparations to make. You have to plan the wedding ceremony, decide the location of the wedding (local or overseas), arrange for food, music, decoration, photographers, etc, choose the perfect wedding dresses, invite guests, plan your honeymoon tour and a lot of other things.

The initial excitement that you will feel will soon be clouded by the responsibilities and duties that you have to fulfill and most couples tense and stress over the arrangements, aiming to have the perfect wedding day. Not only does the situation make people overly anxious, but also implies a lot of expenses. And this is where most couples fall in a dilemma. They want to impress everybody by having a grand marriage and at the same time, want to spend a long honeymoon at some far off secluded island or at an overseas location of their dreams.

But managing both becomes quite difficult for the couples because a grand wedding plus an exotic honeymoon would cost several thousand dollars, something which most couples are unable to afford. To help people in such a dilemma, we bring to you a unique concept. We arrange weddings at overseas locations of your choice so that you do not have to go through the humdrum crazy preparations for a grand marriage and can spend quality time with your partner at your preferred place.

What’s new to our service?

While most couples struggle a lot to keep up to the expectations of the people by trying to arrange a grand wedding, that is not exactly what they look forward to. A major portion of the to-be-wedded couples would prefer a nice and quiet wedding in the presence of their very dear ones, followed by a long tour where they will be able to spend time with each as they want to. But the general social expectations often do not encourage such ideas. If you are such a couple, our service will definitely be of help to you.

We understand that you want to wedding to be perfect, but not for others. You want it to be exactly how YOU and your PARTNER want and that is where we come to help. At Amazing Wedding, we will arrange for your trip (whatever may your preferred location or locations be) and during your quaint trip, we will arrange for a small, quiet marriage ceremony at the place or location of your choice.

By opting for our service, you will be able to shun away the unnecessary burden of arranging for a regular marriage and keeping up to people’s expectations. No need to wear the usual tuxedos or white gowns as most people do at their weddings. It is your wedding and you can choose to wear whatever you like on the D-day. You may dress up as you like and fulfill your dream of having a unique marriage photoshoot.

Not only that, you needn’t pose a fake smile for hours as people come and go on your wedding reception. By choosing for our service, you can be you! Wear whatever you would like to and do what you would like to, without any pretension at all. It’s your big and you should enjoy it as you see fit.

What we do?

Apart from arranging for the entire trip with your partner, we also arrange for your wedding at any overseas location you like. So, whether you are looking forward to get married on the sunny beaches of Bali or want to be the royal lady at any of the historical castles in Prague, we will help you fulfill your dream or desire. We have proper arrangements at all important overseas locations, so that couples needn’t worry at all about the wedding preparations. Your wedding will be a simple one following all the rituals and the marriage will be registered at the local registry office. For example, if you want to get married in Prague, your wedding will be registered with the Marriage Registrar in Prague.

What do you need to do?

We make it very simple for you to arrange your wedding and your honeymoon tour. You need not make separate arrangements for your wedding and honeymoon. You can plan your itinerary according to the places that you want to cover and we will arrange for the tour. During this tour, at some point of your choice (pre-fixed), we will arrange for your wedding that will include a simple ceremony, preferably at the Registrar’s office and you can continue the tour as a wedded couple and enjoy your honeymoon as pre-planned.

So, all that you need to do is get in contact with us and chose the countries or locations that have always been in your dreams and the exact location where you want the wedding to be held. And that’s all. You can leave the rest to us and start making preparations of the travel of a lifetime. We look after all the necessary aspects of the wedding as well as the honeymoon and make arrangements to ensure that you do not have to stress with the wedding at all. You can go head over heels for your partner, pampering and wooing each other, while we make the arrangements – the plan for the perfect wedding that you want.

Suggested locations for travel and wedding

Though a number of places around the world have gained popularity as excellent overseas locations, here we list the best locations that couples would love for their wedding and honeymoon:

Samui, Phuket and Bali – These places would be your ideal pick if you and your partner love the sun. The beautiful beaches at these locations are the dream locations for a bright and vibrant overseas wedding.

Prague – If you are romantic and love history, then make your marriage memorable in the ancient city of Prague. Steeped in history and glory, a wedding in Prague will be the most royal thing that you dream of.

Okinawa - For couples who love shopping or Japanese culture and history, Okinawa can be a good choice. You can enjoy this charming city in Japan and have a fun-filled wedding at any one of the popular wedding locations in Okinawa like the Castle Park, Okinawa Aquarium, Kudaka island and many more.

Thus, if you have already set a date for your wedding or are planning to do so, then do opt for our unique services and have the best time of your life.

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