Overseas Wedding in Bali

Bali is the capital of Indonesia and famous place with its enchanting beauty. Bali is known for its natural beauty. Bali is one of the most attractive locations in the world. A country surrounded by mountains and oceans Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty. Bali is the heart of that natural attraction.

For some people, Bali is the best overseas wedding location. You can find many wedding destinations on this earth. Even some places lost its popularity with the change of the time, and some new places become popular. But Bali has proved its popularity as one of the best wedding places even in this ever-changing world. It is a haven for the world tourists.

However, when you visit the place, it is evident that you will visit it for some purpose. If you are choosing Bali as your wedding location, then it is obvious that you are planning for one of the best wedding occasion in your life. If you are a foreigner then, it is evident that you are going to arrange an overseas wedding in Bali. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the beautiful rainforests. Also, you can enjoy the famous spas here in Bali. If you visit Bali, you can easily understand that why it is a top choice for the wedding destination.

With beautiful beachside resorts, hillside scenery, enchanting rain forest Bali can be the best option for an overseas wedding.

You can find different types of wedding destinations in Bali. And the best part of it is that most of the destinations are budget friendly. That means you can arrange your wedding ceremony with your stipulated budget.

  • Infinity Chapel is one such beautiful destination where you can easily arrange your beautiful wedding ceremony. You can also invite a small number of your friends here. Infinity is a symbol of beautiful architecture. This resort is 2 meters above the sea level.

  • The Phalosa is another beautiful destination. It is a private villa situated on the southwestern coast of Bali. The sunset of this place makes it a destination of western orientation. From this place, you can get a beautiful view of the west coast and the lovely beaches.

  • ‘Alila Villas’ is a living symbol of surprising architectural beauty. It is a luxury resort. This villa is specially decorated and developed for any kind of biggest celebration. This place is designed to reflect Bali’s cultural richness. The sunset view of this place is one of the most attractive features. The best part of this place is that it serves the best quality of wedding decoration.

  • Latitude Villa is a place noted for being a wedding venue - a wonderful architectural destination for the overseas wedding. You can find ample space on the terrace and on the deck to celebrate your wedding. The place is decorated with modern design. You can find the best magical touch here to enjoy the natural beauty.

  • Karma Kandara is one of the finest resorts with the most beautiful romantic settings in Bali. The architectural decoration of this place is one of the best attractions of this place. You can be surprised to see the place where the wedding will be completed. A resort with all its grandeur proves a beautiful wedding place with all its natural significance. Truly, this resort is a place mainly for the wedding reception.

  • Como Shambhala Estate is another nice place to plan your wedding. This place has exceptional accommodation facilities and the scenic beauty of the river and the jungle is just amazing. The natural silence is the asset of this place and the guests here can enjoy their stay at the lovely villas while enjoying all the quality facilities at their disposal.

  • Four Seasons Resort is one of the best places of Bali and it gives an extra edge to your wedding because of the location of this place. This place overlooks the Valley of Ayung River. The landscapes surely are beautiful enough to add an extra charm to your wedding album.

Obviously there are many more places in Bali where you can plan your wedding but you need to choose ”The Place” that will suit your choice, budget and the time when you want to plan your wedding. Though Bali is a place which is nice to visit throughout the year but still it is recommended to leave the wet season of Bali. Rest of the year, you can just pick any of these places and have a happy and wonderful marriage.

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