Overseas Wedding in Okinawa

Okinawa Island is one of the largest Islands of Japan. The island is spread across over 640 km and it the population of this Island is considered to be the longest living people across the world. This Island economy is mainly based on the tourist and wedding spots. The name Okinawa is unique and the meaning of the name is “rope in the open sea”.

Okinawa can be the perfect place for your wedding destination which will definitely make your wedding day more special adding its natural beauty. Your wedding is the most important day for you, and if you choose the right place for your marriage, then that will give you an immense pleasure and lifetime memory.

Why should choose Okinawa for your wedding location?

Perfect Climate: Okinawa has subtropical climate; you will see almost all the season. During summer temperature is really high, but you can visit during the summer to enjoy the cool breeze of the seashore. Winter stays between January to February and temperature varies from 10 – 20 degree. During rainy season, sometimes it rains but doesn’t stay long for the whole day. So you can do your wedding plan based on the season you are comfortable at.

Amazing views: The view of Okinawa is quite amazing you will be amazed to see the blue waters and sandy beaches which will just blow your mind with its beauty. When you are planning for your wedding, you can choose the greenery at Okinawa or the sandy beaches which will make your wedding really memorable.

Hotels and Amenities: Whenever you are traveling from one place to another, then you must check the essential amenities of the hotels or resorts. For your wedding, you can choose the resorts also which have lots of facilities which you will be surprised to know.

Delicious Food: Okinawa serves different food from its mainland Japan, it provides Taiwanese food. The primary food of Okinawa is pork, and they eat each and every part of the pig.

Different types of wedding destinations in Okinawa:

Okinawa is not only famous for its beautiful views it’s a place where you can spend your time at water activities also.

Kudaka Island: This Island is considered to be the most sacred place. Though this is a small island, yet you will be amazed to see the beauty of Okinawa Island, so this can of your wedding place.

Castle Park: There are several castles which you can visit Okinawa and if you have a dream to get married at the castle, you can go ahead and choose your marriage destination.

Cruise Boat: If you are dreaming to get married on sea, then you can make your dream come true at Nagannu Island. This Island is just 20 minutes away from Okinawa, and you can book your cruise and get married on the cruise which will be a unique wedding.

Okinawa Aquarium: If you want to spend some good time at the aquarium, then it is an excellent idea to go for this place and plan your wedding. You can see the largest fish in the world in this aquarium.

Okinawa Peace Hall and Bell: The Peace Hall it’s a large tower and the bell rings five times a day. So you can choose this place as your wedding location.

Kin Town Beach: If you want to witness the natural beauty you can choose Kin town beach, and this beach is famous for its amazing cool breeze and the beautiful blue sea with rare aquatic species can make your wedding more special.

Localities popular in Okinawa for a wedding depending on the season:

  • Okinawa has the most beautiful seas in the world. The blue sky, sandy beaches, and sea breezes will make your wedding remarkable.

  • Okinawa is a subtropical island, and it welcomes tourist almost all the season. Summer starts from March and stays until April, though this place is not that hot during summers. So, you can visit during this time as well.

  • Rainy season starts from May and continues through August. It doesn’t rain all the time and rain makes this place more beautiful.

  • January and February are colder compared to the other months you can fell the cool wind, and you should carry proper winter clothes if you are planning to visit during winter.

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