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How to plan your overseas wedding?

Everyone on this earth wants to participate in a grand celebration. It may be a wedding- party, or a birthday party. And the celebration becomes unique and surprising if it is an overseas wedding.


Celebrating an overseas wedding is truly an amazing experience. There are several locations on this earth to celebrate your overseas wedding. You can find a beautiful, romantic and exotic place to celebrate your wedding. When you think about an overseas wedding, then it is a fact that you are going to have a surprising experience.


Imagine about the location of your celebration. You can celebrate your wedding in a historic castle; you can celebrate your wedding in a beautiful countryside, or on the top of a rock overlooking the ocean. You can celebrate it in a tropical garden, or in a beautiful temple or historic church. Search your computer and you can find many spectacular locations especially for the overseas wedding.


But all the above discussions can't taste the reality if you don’t have a proper plan about your overseas wedding. So first make a plan to celebrate your overseas wedding.


Steps to be taken before overseas wedding:

  • If you are new to celebrate an overseas wedding, then you need some help from an experienced person who already has celebrated such an occasion or you can arrange a date to meet a good wedding planner. First, select a romantic location, then search for the perfect wedding planner who can give you complete detail of that location. Remember a professional wedding planner can help you to create a proper plan for an overseas wedding. They can fix your budget; even they can inform you about all the legal formalities that you need to perform before visiting a foreign country.

  • When you are going to celebrate your wedding in a foreign country, then you need to take some important precautions. First, the passport is an essential thing that you need to possess when you are entering into a foreign land. It is better to keep your original birth certificate because it could be very necessary for age proof and citizen proof apart from the passport. If necessary, then take an affidavit or a legal declaration that you are going to celebrate your marriage ceremony in that particular country.  

  • The next part is very important. That is your budget. Before every celebration, you need to calculate the amount that you can afford, or you can spend. The same is here. Before preparing for an overseas wedding, make sure that you can afford the expense of that occasion. If you have previously visited the place, then it is obvious that you can easily understand the probable expenditures of the overseas wedding. It is better to consult with your planner and plan the reception venue according to the easiest and possible ways. Remember, you may have to add some additional expenses in your account. If you hire a hairdresser or a makeup man with you, then you have to bear all the cost of that person too.

  • Climate or environment is an important issue for the celebration of an overseas wedding. If you are visiting a tropical country, then you should be aware of the rainy season of that country because you must avoid that particular period. If you are going to visit a hot or a sub-tropical country, then obviously you should avoid the summer season of the hot country and winter season of the subtropical country. Now you have to consult your dress designer to understand which dress is preferable for the occasion, according to the climate or environment of that place. And the most important thing is that how you will carry the wedding jewelry with you.

  • And the last part is before landing on a foreign land be aware of all the legal procedures of that land. Some countries need visas, so don’t forget to arrange that. If necessary, then visit the embassy of that country. Even you can consult a legal advisor to furnish all the necessary documents.   

You can find many other features to plan an overseas wedding. But the above features are the most necessary features and you can’t avoid them. So plan properly and have a nice and beautiful overseas wedding.



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